Ricky Olmos

Ricky Olmos is a musician who hails from the enchanting dual-peninsula of Michigan, specifically the Grand River valley settlement of Grand Rapids, a whimsical land of beer, wilderness, and mid-sized-town charm.

He plays keyboards and occasionally lead tambourine with Joshua Powell & the Great Train Robbery. When he’s not touring he spends time collaborating with others in the studio, working on solo instrumental compositions, drinking copious amounts of espresso, and cooking brunch for his friends in a small but ample kitchen.

We chatted with Ricky on how he uses Sequential instruments in his music:

What made you choose the Prophet Rev2?

“Before the Prophet Rev 2, I was using a MIDI controller for synth sounds, which I wasn’t crazy about. I had so many wires running all over the place that I had to consciously try not to get tangled or electrocuted. I wanted to find an analog board that had some real synth power to it. All roads led to the Prophet. The sounds are mind-blowing, or one might say… prophetic! Editing options are endless. And it’s seriously drop dead gorgeous.”

How are you using it?

“Exclusively for synth sounds. Anything from cheesy ‘80s synth patches, to post-apocalyptic doom pads, spooky arpeggiators, and soul-devouring bass synths.”

What’s one of your favorite things about it?

“Really digging the aftertouch sensitivity and how each sound interacts differently with that feature. During shows I’ll press harder into a key out of curiosity. Sometimes that yields a chill tremolo or slight modulation. Other times it sounds like Luke Sykwalker just blew up the Death Star and everyone in the band will look back to make sure I didn’t spontaneously combust or get abducted by predatory aliens.

I also love how the board is constructed. The mahogany sides are lovely. It’s tough but sleek. One time during the middle of a festival show my keyboard stand collapsed and the whole keyboard did a somersault from the top rack and fell off the stage. It was for sure the most ungraceful thing I’ve ever done onstage but I plugged the board right back in and it was fine.”

What does it give you that other synths might not?

“As a keyboard player, sometimes I’m envious of the character that’s kind of ingrained in the nature of guitars or drums. Those instruments come to life in your hands. That’s not as prevalent with keys. But when you do find a board that has its own voice and tone it’s special. The Prophet Rev2 is inspiring to play. It’s the kind of instrument that feels like my soul is stretching from the depths of my being into my fingertips and out of those endless keys and dials.”

Any interesting tricks or techniques you’d like to share?

“So far, this keyboard has tricked me way more than I’ve tricked it. Every time I play it I discover some new feature. I do love making laser beam sounds when an arpeggiator is on, via turning up the Filter Resonance and turning down the Filter Envelope simultaneously. That’s pretty groovy.”


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