Kat Day – The KVB

Kat Day is one half of the British Berlin-based audio visual duo, The KVB. Originally formed in London in 2010, the pair is known for their prolific output, and has released 5 albums and a number of EPs. In the past year alone they have toured Asia, Latin America, and Europe, along with festival shows in South Africa and San Francisco. They are currently working on their follow up to 2016’s Of Desire which was recorded at Geoff Barrow’s (Portishead, Beak) studio in Bristol and released on Barrow’s label, Invada Records.

We chatted with Kat about how she’s using the OB-6.

Is the OB-6 your first DSI product?

“Yes, it’s my first and I’m sure it won’t be my last.

What made you choose the OB-6?

“I was looking for a new synth to expand my set up and make our live show more sonically diverse. As soon as I tried the OB-6 in JustMusic in Berlin, I fell in love, and no other synth I tried could match it. It was a hard choice between the Prophet-6 and OB-6, and I had to return to JustMusic several times and watch hundreds of YouTube videos before I could make the tough decision.

How are you using it?

“Live, I use a MIDI keyboard and use the MIDI THRU to my Moog Minitaur. I use three audio outputs from the OB-6: left and right to stereo DI, and headphone out to my Bugbrand PT delay, and use an expression pedal as an on/off switch. It’s also the perfect size to fit in my hand luggage for our fly-in shows! You’ve seen how the baggage handlers throw instruments right? So being able to avoid that with my OB-6 is a definite bonus.

We are also using it to write our next record. It’s a great synth to write with, to experiment with, and to build up layers on. It currently features on all of the new songs. We expect the album to be out next year.”

What’s one of your favorite things about it?

“Its rich cinematic tone, but also its aggressive fizzy bite. I love the beautifully rich pads, leads, deep bass, the arpeggiator and sequencer, and the percussive sounds. You could write a whole album with just this one synth.

What does it give you that other instruments don’t?

“It’s versatility in such a small package. Also the onboard effects such as the delay, reverb and distortion are fantastic, so much so, that I only now use one external effects pedal with my OB-6 for noise feedback textures.”

Any interesting tricks or techniques you’d like to share?

“I like simple things that make producing, experimenting, and performing easier, such as the Hold function for arpeggios and notes, the sequencer’s ability to transpose, and the Unison feature’s chord memory mode, so I can concentrate on performing and sculpting the sounds.”

“Here is a single from our last album, Of Desire. The video was made by one of our favourite directors, Peter Strickland (The Duke of Burgundy, Berberian Sound Studio). The demo version of this song has nearly two million views on YouTube.”

“This single is from our last album, which was then remixed for an EP that came out in June this year.”


“This is Here it Comes (2017 version) from our upcoming rerelease of the 5-year anniversary edition of our debut album, Always Them.”


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