Jörgen Boots

Jörgen Boots is a Dutch composer, pianist, and synthesist who started out on the organ at the age of 10. Getting into all kinds of music, he began playing in several bands and projects, not only on the organ, but also on piano, synthesizers, guitar, and bass.

Nowadays he is back to the basics composing minimalist piano songs, finding inspiration from composers such as Ludovico Einaudi and Phillip Glass. Though Jörgen’s music evokes a minimalist aesthetic, he sometimes flavors it with modern technology such as synthesizers and loopers. The Prophet Rev2 has taken an important role in writing and performing his music.

We chatted with Jörgen on how he’s using the Rev2:

What made you choose the Rev2?

“Before buying the Prophet Rev 2 (16 voice) I did a lot of research. What synths were on the market? What did they sound like? My attention was very quickly drawn to Sequential. I read reviews, listened to the instruments on YouTube and went to talk to users of Sequential’s instruments. And finally, of course I played the instrument myself! The Rev2 sounds amazing. Its just the analog sound I was looking for.”

How are you using it?

“The Rev 2 is a powerful tool with strong, analog sounds, and I use it with my band Rachel. I also use the Rev2 in my neo-classical piano music to make soundscapes; gentle, fragile sounds, and making loops with the synth through a TC Electronics Ditto X4. The machines help me create a certain atmosphere on the fly in which I can use with my piano music.”

What’s one of your favorite things about the Rev2?

“The answer is very simple — the sound! The fact that it can be used in different styles of music. You have so much control at the tips of your fingers!”

What does the Rev2 give you that other instruments don’t?

“The Rev2 brings me so much inspiration. The sounds I create (and even the preset sounds) bring me so many ideas for my own music. The Rev2 invites you to turn the knobs and experiment! The built-in effects are also very useful and inspiring.”

Any interesting tricks or techniques you’d like to share?

“Just keep experimenting with the machine. There so much it can do! You can really dive deep. Try using subtle noise in music. That can make a great atmosphere.”




Picture by FotoCali.nl



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