8Dio “JP-4” Add-On

June 21, 2019 | Go back to previous page | Categorie(s): Products

8Dio has announced its new “JP-4” (Roland Jupiter-4) Add-On pack for the Prophet X and Prophet XL. The Add-On pack is now available for download from their website. The download is approximately 1.3 GB.

The $48 Add-On pack features over 1,034 samples, 25 custom instruments, and 32 custom presets. The Add-On pack was created by deep-sampling a vintage Roland Jupiter-4 synthesizer.

Making its debut in the late 70’s, the Jupiter 4 was the first true polyphonic synth produced by Roland®. Despite its single oscillator per voice and its maximum of four voice polyphony, the JP-4 found success at a time when competition between synth developers was at its fiercest, and it became a true classic in its own right. The synth was adopted by electro-pop artists and many others to such a degree that its rich low-end analog sound became virtually synonymous with the era.

The “JP-4” Add-On pack requires Prophet X OS v2.1 or higher.

The Prophet X was designed to accommodate up to 50 GB of 16-bit, 48 kHz user-generated and third-party content. Imported sample content can be used to create custom instruments and patches. Sampled instruments can be augmented with the Prophet X’s own synthesis engine, which features 2 digital oscillators, stereo analog filters, and a multitude of sound-shaping controls.

For more information about other Add-On Packs, including The Last Prophet (the last production model of the Prophet-5 ever made), the Prophet T8, the ARP 2600, and the OBX, visit 8Dio’s website.

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