Prophet-6 OS 1.3.1 Released

May 26, 2016 | Go back to previous page | Categorie(s): Products


Sequential has released a new operating system for the Prophet-6 that adds several feature enhancements and 3 new effects that were originally developed for the OB-6 (2 flangers, a ring modulator, and a new phaser). The new version, OS 1.3.1, ships with newly purchased instruments. For users wishing to upgrade instruments with older versions of the OS, version 1.3.1 is available for download from the Prophet-6 OS Support page (see the link below).

Among the new features are:

  • New effects (2 flangers, a ring modulator, and a new phaser)
  • New velocity curves to adjust the keyboard’s velocity response
  • The ability to step backward in the sequencer for step editing
  • The ability to sequentially step through presets using the Increment and Decrement buttons
  • The ability to see a saved parameter knob value of a preset
  • Recovery mode for OS update errors

The new features are covered in the Prophet-6 OS 1.3.1 Manual Addendum, which is available here.

Download OS 1.3.1 for the Prophet-6 keyboard and module here.

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