OMOM Sound Set for Prophet-6

September 14, 2015 | Go back to previous page | Categorie(s): Products


To celebrate the introduction of the Prophet-6 synthesizer and its vintage heritage, the Old Men of MIDI (aka “OMOM”) have created an exclusive set of nearly 300 sounds and have generously provided it free of charge to owners of the Prophet-6.

You can download the OMOM sounds here.

The Old Men of MIDI are a closely-knit group of music industry professionals who were at the vanguard of those using and promoting MIDI from its earliest years. They have had a long association with Dave Smith and his instruments. Among their members are such industry luminaries as Amin Bhatia, Malcolm Doak, Steve Horelick, Jack Hotop, Jerry Kovarsky, John Lehmkuhl, Christian Martirano, Dominic Milano, Drew Neumann, Jordan Rudess, Peter Schwartz, and Mark Vail — all of whom contributed to the sound set.


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